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I am so very sorry to say that after 21 years, The Muse's Muse has shut its doors.

It's been a nice long run, but so many things have changed since I first started this site in 1995 ... and I think it's time to end on a high note.  

My own career aspirations have changed radically since the early days and that's where I need to focus my energies now.

I HUGELY appreciate all that has been contributed to this site over the years.  Thank you for sticking with me for so long!  And for helping to make this site what it is.  

The information here will stay live a while longer, but it may go dark with no further warning so I wanted to make sure everyone knew what was going on.  

The message boards are live now in their new home at so feel free to go there if you'd like to continue participating. Those that already have accounts will find their accounts still working just fine. No need to re-apply.  I know for a lot of folks, the message board was the life blood of this place - and I tend to agree.  I'm glad it'll be continuing. 

Oh - just to clarify - I can't seem to remove the subscription box to the newsletter on the right hand side of the page there (visible on all pages but this one), but subscribing won't work and the newsletter has been discontinued.  However, the previous issues are all located here for you to view at your leisure.  It should keep you busy for a while, in fact.  There are 18+ years worth of issues.  I never missed a month. :)

I wish you all every success - and if you'd like to find out what I'm doing, you're welcome to check out my Piece of Cake Voice Overs & Vocals site.  If you happen to need a voice for a project of yours (and you have a budget. lol), feel free to let me know. 

Thanks again!  All the best, -- Jodi

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